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English Speaking Practice Techniques to use when Practising Alone - My favourite 9 ways

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No English speaking partner? No problem. Try these techniques:

1) Mirror talk

- Can help you with eye contact
- Also helps you watch your demeanour and body language while speaking
- Kind of simulates talking to someone and boost your confidence, because there’s a person in front of you after all

2) ChatGPT Conversations

3)Describe the picture

- Describe the random picture at https://aleenarais.com/picture
- Or describe whatever is in front of you

4) Role-Play Different Scenarios

You can pretend you're ordering food at a restaurant, asking for directions, or interviewing for a job. This will help you be prepared for real-life situations.

5) Read out subtitles

- When you see and hear new words at the same time, it can also help you learn and remember them better. Improves vocab and pronunciation

6) Read aloud

- Choose a book, article, or newspaper, and read it out loud. Work on pacing, intonation and emotion of what you are reading. Be articulate.
- It’s like an English gym.

7) Use apps

- Use apps like TalkEnglish

8) Translation

- Translate phrases/songs from your native language to English

9) Talk to self

- Narrate what you're doing, in English. This can help you to think in English, which is crucial for becoming fluent
- Speak Your Thoughts Aloud: Whatever you're thinking, try saying it in English. This helps you get comfortable thinking in English and improves your fluency.

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