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Ch.3 Is it a banana? | Ch.4 What is it? | Basic English Conversation Practice for Kids

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Basic English Conversation Practice for Kids is for English beginners especially children.

The lessons help learners develop their English vocabulary and English conversation skills greatly because the video lessons are processed like below.
1. Children learn words and speak them loudly before conversation begins.
2. They watch English conversation.
3. They practice English conversation by repeating each sentence and improve English speaking skills.
4. They take a word quiz.
5. They take a conversation quiz.

We recommend children watching the video repeatedly to develop their English conversation skills fast.


Chapter Explanations

Chapter 3.
Main Character: Tom, Anne
Theme: Is it ~ question
Useful Expressions:
Is it a banana?
Yes, it is.
No, it isn't.

Chapter 4.
Main Character: Anne, Tom
Expressions: What is it?
Useful Expressions:
What is it?
It is ~.


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