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Learn the ABCs with the alphabet phonics song by! The alphabet cartoons will teach children phonemic awareness and phonics skills!

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What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
Repeat after me.
A makes a sound like [a] or [A]
B makes a sound like [b b] ball
C makes a sound like [c c] call
D makes a sound like [d d] doll
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
E makes a sound like [e] or [E]
F makes a sound like [f f] fly
G makes a sound like [g g] guy
H makes a sound like [h h] hi
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
I makes a sound like [i] or [I]
J makes a sound like [j j] jeep
K makes a sound like [k k] keep
L makes a sounds like [l l] leap
26 letters,
even more sounds
help us to make our world go around
12 down and 14 left
and then we'll know the alphabet
Let's keep it going!
M makes a sound like [m m] mine
N makes a sound like [n n] nine
O makes a sound like [o] or [O]
P makes a sound like [p p] pine
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
Q makes a sound like [kw kw] quack
R makes a sound like [r r] rack
S makes a sound like [s s] sack
T makes a sound like [t t] tack
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
What you wanna bet you can learn the alphabet?
We're almost there!
U makes a sound like [u] or [U]
V makes a sound like [v v] vet
W sounds like [w w] wet
X makes a sound like [xs xs xs]
Y makes a sound like [y y] yap
Z makes a sound like [z z] zap
I always knew you could learn the alphabet
I always knew you could learn the alphabet
There's a million words that you haven't spelled just yet
But now you can 'cause you know the alphabet

-Alphabet Sound Stories to build phonemic awareness (sound recognition):

-Children's Author Storytime read-alouds:

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Kids Hut family presents "Rory The Quick Witted Rabbit Stories For Kids In English | TIA & TOFU | Bedtime Stories For Kids" by KIDS HUT.

#bedtimestories #kidslearning #kidsvideos
✿ Voice Credit: Tulsi Kumar
✿ Script Credit: Sumra Khan




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It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter.
This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet.
This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123.
Copyright 2012 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.
This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2009 - any copying is illegal.
For MP3s, worksheets and much more:

Kids songs song for children

Chords for this song:


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【検証】街ゆく日本人に突然英語で話しかけてみた / English Check [#43]

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I've started learning English to be a professional soccer player in abroad since when I was 20.
After graduated from university, I made way to Australia as a soccer player.
Now, I'm spread out how much fun learning English and being active in Instagram, TikTok, Youtube as an English coach.

【NEW RYUGAKU (3ヶ月の英語学習プログラム)】

■公式LINE : 英語学習に関するご質問・ご相談はコチラ!

■Instagram : ネイティブから学ぶ生きた英語表現をコント形式で紹介!

■TikTok : 海外の友達たちと楽しく英語クイズ!

■Twitter : 英語学習に役立つ学習法、小ネタ!


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Ngày nay có rất nhiều phương pháp học Tiếng anh giao tiếp nhưng một trong số đó phương pháp học Tiếng anh qua Video Có Phụ đề Song ngữ thông minh là phương pháp tốt nhất để bạn có thể trau dồi …
Kênh Share english sẽ giúp bạn nâng cao trình độ tiếng anh mỗi ngày qua các video và phim ảnh. Hãy đăng kí kênh để có thể theo dõi.

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Learn phonics with Timberly Wimberly!

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Little Baby Bum is a fun and educational show for kids featuring classic and new nursery rhymes and loved by babies and their parents all around the world. Through the magic of rhythm and rhyme, Little Baby Bum world comes alive.

Sing along with 6-year old Mia her family and friends in a world where animals can dance, buses are friends and rainy days are never boring.
►New Little Baby Bum videos weekly!
00:00 LBB1105 Learn Phonics
02:09 ABC Train
03:52 ABC Balloons
05:44 Five senses Mindfulness (Yes Yes)
07:46 Twinkles ABC (Mindfulness)
09:48 Twinkle Sensorial Colours Bedtime
11:53 ABC Undersea Song
13:26 Rainbow Puddles
15:26 ABC Song (Traditional/ Zee & Zed)
17:19 5 Little Monkeys v3
19:22 Happy and You Know It
21:23 ABC Phonics Song
22:50 Recycling Song
24:52 10 Little Pets
26:48 Mummy Mummy
28:43 ABC Bubbles
30:44 Tidy Up Bus Song
32:37 Calm Counting Song
35:06 10 Little Dinosaurs V3
37:01 ABC Butterfly Song
38:47 Getting Ready to Go Out
40:47 Dance Like Daddy
42:46 ABC Phonics V2
44:19 Five Little Ducks
46:23 Swimming Song V3
48:24 This Little Piggy V2
50:21 ABC Phonics Animals Song
52:10 Wheels on the Bus Rain Rain Medley
54:14 Twinkle Twinkle (Lullaby)
56:14 Animal Sounds Song
58:19 ABC School
00:16 Driving in My Car V5
02:16 Learning to Ride My Bike
04:13 ABC Vehicles
06:11 Accidents Happen V2
08:11 Back to School
09:44 Ten Little Buses
11:46 Bath Song V4
13:45 Johnny Johnny
15:46 Learn How To Get Dressed!
17:45 5 Little Speckled Frogs V4
19:44 Vehicle Sounds Song
21:45 Big or Small V2
23:30 Itsy Bitsy V4
25:29 Easter Egg Hunt
27:22 Baby Bangs the Drum
29:23 5 Little Ducks, Monkeys And Monsters!
31:18 Counting Duck Song
32:50 Please, Thank You And Sorry Song
34:28 10 Little Fishes V2
35:59 Color Bus
37:31 No Monster Song V2
39:56 Colors And Action Song V2
42:19 Wheels On The Bus V20 Underwater
44:32 Balloon Race Song
46:14 1, 2, What Shall We Do? V2
47:50 Teddy Bear Song V2
49:33 Hello Song V2
51:11 Choo Choo Train V2
53:16 Sunny Days
54:48 Color Planes
56:33 Try Some Vegetables
58:35 5 Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed V2
00:08 10 Little Sea Horses
01:01:45 Time For Sleep

Sing the alphabet with me
What sounds will there be?

‘A’ - Ah Ah - Apple
‘B’ - Buh Buh - Baby
‘C’ - Ck Ck - Cake
‘D’ - Dd Dd – Dog

‘E’ - Eh Eh – Elephant
‘F’ - Ffff – Frog
‘G’- Guh Guh – Goat
‘H’ - Huh Huh – Hat

‘I’ – i i - Igloo
‘J’ – Juh Juh - Jelly
‘K’ - Ck Ck - Kite
‘L’ – Llll - Lollipop

‘M’ – mmm - Mouse
‘N’ – Nnn - Nest
‘O’ – Oh Oh - Orange
‘P’ – Puh Puh – Panda

‘Q’ – Kw Kw - Queen
‘R’ – rrrr - Rabbit
‘S’ – sssss - Star
‘T’ – Tuh Tuh – Turtle

‘U’ – Uh - Umbrella
‘V’ – Vuh Vuh -Veggies
‘W’ – Wuh Wuh - Water
‘X’ – Ks Ks - X ray fish

‘Y’ – Yuh Yuh - Yellow
‘Z’ – Zzzz Zzzz - Zebra
►Wheels on the Bus and other vehicle songs playlist!

►Educational baby cartoons and songs playlist!

Watch new and classic Little Baby Bum shows on YouTube. New week new fun and exciting song to learn along with other favorites like The Wheels on the Bus, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, Rain Rain Go Away, ABC Song, Ice Cream Song, Wash Your Hands, Five Little Ducks, Ten Little Buses, and many others.

#LBB #LittleBabyBum #MoonbugKids

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Little Baby Bum friends:

►Go Buster!
►Lellobee City Farm!
►Digley and Dazey!
© El Bebe Productions Limited - part of LittleBabyBum

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Watch Our Most Popular Videos Here:

Phonics A - U | Clay Vowels | Learn Phonics

Vowel sounds are in everything! Did you know you can make all sorts of words by attaching vowels to other letter sounds? Watch these words come to life with as fun claymation sculptures. What words can you spell?

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Watch Nursery Rhymes & Songs Here!
Watch Our Phonics Videos Here!

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Trọn bộ sách Family and Friends Starter ấn bản mới nhất (2nd edition) từ Unit Starter đến hết Unit 9.
Bộ sách kết hợp cả hình ảnh và âm thanh với chất lượng cao sẽ giúp các con học tập hiệu quả
Đây là tài liệu hữu ích cho các con trong việc học Tiếng Anh và luyện phản xạ Tiếng Anh
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● Video By Mr.Tom - Thank you!

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"A Song" is from Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read. Learn all about the letter A and the sound it makes.

Listen to this and other great songs when you download the Learn to Read app or order the complete kit!

Visit today to try the program and see why parents have trusted Hooked on Phonics for nearly 30 years.

Hooked on Phonics is available as the complete multi-sensory kit or the exciting digital edition. Both are based on the award-winning Learn to Read program, designed by leading educators, renowned authors, and most importantly, parents.

With Hooked on Phonics, your child will learn to read, GUARANTEED!

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A full lesson in phonics for students wanting to learn to read.

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Learn and practice word families with back-to-back episodes of the Word Families series!
You can check out our stories on the Little Fox YouTube channel.


About the Little Fox YouTube Channel
Welcome to the Little Fox channel of fun animated stories for kids. From traditional fairy tales that have been loved for many generations to classic stories that are recognized worldwide for their literary value, kids will learn natural and authentic English with our stories. Visit our website,, for more stories.

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ESL: How to stress lists: This video covers intonation and words stress when you are listing items. Easy and useful rule!

See the transcript for this video:

Improve your American Accent / spoken English at Rachel's English with video-based lessons and exercises.

Cải thiện nói tiếng Anh Mỹ / 미국 영어 발음 향상 / 話されているアメリカ英語を向上させる / Сделай свой разговорный американский английский лучше / Meningkatkan berbicara bahasa Inggris Amerika / Melhorar a fala Inglês Americano / Mejorar el habla Inglés Americano / 美語 / बात अमेरिकी अंग्रेजी में सुधार / تحسين لهجتك الأمريكية الإنجليزية

...with Rachel's English!


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Kids Hut family presents “THE MIGHTY TIGER AND HIS STRIPES: Stories For Kids In English | TIA & TOFU | Bedtime Stories For Kids” by KIDS HUT.

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Học tiếng anh qua phim Extra tập 9

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Hello Everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In this video, you will learn 10 proven techniques that will help you speak English fluently.
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Daily Routine in English | Basic Spoken English Words | Phrase | Basic English By Dharmendra Sir
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Two Cats And A Monkey in English | Fairy Tales in English | Stories for Teenagers | @EnglishFairyTales

Parental Guidance: Some material of this video may not be suitable for children below 13 years of age.

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► The English Fairy Tales Channel and all of its videos are not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 of CHILDREN'S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTION ACT (USA) are not intended for children under 13 years of age. English Fairy Tales CHANNEL and its owner(s), agents, representatives, and employees do not collect any information from children under 13 years of age and expressly deny permission to any third party seeking to collect information from children under 13 years of age on behalf of English Fairy Tales CHANNEL. Further, English Fairy Tales CHANNEL denies any and all liability or responsibility for the practices and policies of YouTube and its agents and subsidiaries, or any other affiliated third party, regarding data collection.

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Maha Cartoon TV English publish Short and motivational Cartoon Stories for Kids on Maha Cartoon TV English The Fox's Ghost Cartoons for Kids. In this Cartoon Story, There is a fox came from another jungle but unfortunately an angry elephant killed her and someone take revenge to became a ghost. Cartoons are very famous in children's which give very good moral, these animated stories are very popular among the children because it is very simple, meaningful interesting, inspirational with funny characters which are latest and best in the class, these stories contain amazing, cute small and big popular animals. These stories are very simple, old and entertaining which you can watch for free on YouTube channel Maha Cartoon TV English, It’s very easy, best and real examples to teach your children thru cartooning in the English Language. You can say its bedtime nursery stories with morality. Maha Cartoon TV English, a unit of Maha Cartoon TV that offers a wide range of English cartoon movies. With Maha Cartoon TV English, you can watch cartoon videos of centuries-old funny, yet educational tales of Panchatantra. The vibrant baby cartoon keeps you engage, while your mind adapts important lessons of life. So, subscribe today and enjoy a fun way of learning through bedtime stories, short stories and moral stories for kids.
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