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First Sentences for Toddlers | Learn to Talk | Toddler Speech Delay | Speech Practice Video English

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This educational video teaches the most common and useful first sentences and phrases for toddlers! Have your child learn to talk with a real teacher, Ms Rachel!

When Ms Rachel was teaching her little boy first sentences, she couldn’t find a video that showed sentences she wanted him to learn, such as “Up, mama! and “I want juice, please!” She ended up making him his own personal video of first sentences that worked wonderfully for him! Now she’s made this video for you and your child to practice first sentences!

This video may be helpful for children with a speech delays, but if your child has a speech delay, take these steps to ensure that they get the help they need to thrive!

1. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns
2. Call your state’s early intervention program and request an evaluation (your child may qualify for free speech therapy and other therapies if needed)
3. You could also seek out a private speech therapist for an evaluation and speech therapy if needed!

A great first sentence to practice is “I want milk” (or something your child really likes! For example TV, iPad, juice, toy) Here’s how you can help your child, gently prompting their signs hand over hand and having them say the word (if they can speak single words) 

1. You can help them point to themselves for “I” as you or they say "I"
2. Help them do the sign for “want” as you or they say “want”
3. Help them do the sign for “milk” as you or they say “milk” 

Then give them the milk right away and say,
“Great job asking for milk!” For children who have special needs, it may also may be helpful to show a visual for each word such as a PECS system.

"Georgie" puppet Copyright 2016 - David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

Ms Rachel has a masters degree in music education from NYU. She studies early childhood education and leadership through courses and trainings at Harvard and Bank Street College. She has also been a toddler teacher at a school for children with special needs including autism, apraxia, speech delays, developmental delays, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. She has worked in homes to support families with children with special needs. She believes all children are gifted, precious and are our teachers as well! 

We have many toddler learning videos, baby learning videos, preschool learning videos, speech practice videos and early intervention skills practice videos. We have videos with speech cues and close ups of the mouth that may be helpful for children with childhood apraxia of speech or a motor speech delay. They may also be helpful for kids with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) We hope you’ll come to our homepage and check out more videos to help your little one learn and thrive! If you have a baby, 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old or 5 year old, you can find a video to suit your needs on our YouTube page. We put your baby first and not entertainment value. We are very seriously about making high quality, educational interactive videos backed by research. On our team we have a speech therapist, occupational therapist, reading specialist, early chilhood curriculum expert and a child and family therapist. No matter what you are looking for, we have the best educational video for your toddler.

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