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Letter Sounds - Phonics for Beginners - Rock 'N Learn Complete Program

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Kids get excited about learning to read with energetic music, zany characters, and fun activities. Please subscribe to Rock 'N Learn's YouTube channel for more fun videos posted every week. Click the numbers below to jump to different parts of the video:

00:00 Rock 'N Learn Title Screen
00:05 New Alphabet Song
02:55 Learn the Sounds
06:38 Letter Sounds Quiz
10:56 Name That Letter
20:27 Sounding Out Words
23:20 Reading Words
32:05 Consonant Combinations
36:11 Spell It!
41:12 Swap the Sounds
48:34 Common Sight Words
51:53 Reading Sentences
52:30 Simple Sentence Group 1
53:36 Simple Sentence Group 2
54:43 Simple Sentence Group 3
55:51 Simple Sentence Group 4
56:56 Simple Sentence Group 5
57:49 Simple Sentence Group 6
58:41 Simple Sentence Group 7
59:49 Simple Sentence Group 8
1:00:57 Simple Sentence Group 9
1:01:45 Become a Super Reader

Perfect for any age wanting to build reading skills. After a quick review of upper and lowercase letters, young learners practice the most common sound each letter makes. An on-screen mouth shows how to form the sounds.

Excitement builds as kids race the clock to say letter sounds in silly sentences before hearing the answers. Then, learners play several games along with the video to reinforce their understanding of letter-sound associations that will help them read and spell. They practice consonant combinations that include blends. Finally, after learning some common sight words, kids feel successful reading complete sentences and even short stories.

Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds has helped people of all ages learn to speak English. This video is often recommended by teachers who specialize in teaching English Language Learners (ELL). Plus, the "on-screen mouth" has been a huge hit with speech therapists. Letter Sounds was developed with speech and language experts to ensure sounds are correctly enunciated.

Rock ‘N Learn has videos for kids of all ages. Explore our videos by age or subject by going to the home tab and scrolling down. To see our entire collection, click on the videos tab. We add something new at least once a week, so subscribe. Please give them a “thumbs up.”

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